It’s August 14, 2022 and I figured I should probably update my site! I hadn’t updated it since 2019, and sadly, Adobe Muse is no longer a thing, so I had to basically choose between coding from scratch or use WordPress. For now, I decided on the latter, since I have way too many images and not enough time to organize.

That said, because the Universe hates me, some of the customization doesn’t work! (Notably, the colors of the sidebar menu and the body text. No matter what plugin or code I use, the colors just don’t stick.) But at least the gallery works — and it has filters! For easy browsing 😀 In addition, this theme also has an automatic mobile version that still looks great, which means I don’t get to suffer any further, haha.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some of the errors fixed in the next few weeks. (And fill out “links” and “works” pages.) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new stuff in the gallery!

EDIT: Turns out that the coding errors above were not errors, as the customized colors did get processed! I tested it on a private window just now. I, uh, just have no clue why it’s not showing up for me in the same way, and I can’t exactly keep emptying an empty cache…ah, well. Still, need to fill out the “links” and “works” pages!