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Legendary Beings Ara & Celi

[ webcomic / print ] · 2006-present · Jadine Rhine Studios

Legendary Beings Ara & Celi is about a young girl, Miyara, who is chosen to be the successor to a specific line of Angels – headed by none other than Ara–and with it, duties that extend beyond the physical world. Only one problem: Miyara has no desire to do the job! What will happen then, especially with Celi, Ara’s counterpart, is intent on causing chaos in her life?!

Free online at the official home page; also found at Tapas and Line WEBTOON.

DIGITAL: Currently at itchio.

PRINT: In print, currently not for sale online or at conventions. Previously distributed by Emerald Comics Distribution.

delilah and the warchicks

[ webcomic / print ] · 2015-present · Jadine Rhine Studios

Video comics for the band “Delilah and the Warchicks.”

Free online at the official home page.
DIGITAL: Currently at Itchio.

Bel Inconnu

[ webcomic / print ] · 2013-present · Jadine Rhine Studios

A collection of two short stories involving ghosts and detectives in the future.

Neither is a prequel or a sequel to the other–but both share the notion of an
identity hidden until the time is right for revelation. They are both part of Le Bel Inconnu…the (not) Fair Unknown.

Has been expanded to become the line for all of NAAN’s short stories. Latest one is E: A 24 Hour Comic.

Free online at the official home page.

DIGITAL: Currently at Itchio.

PRINT: In print, currently not for sale online or at conventions.


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Sonatina for Ishtar

[ lookbook] · 2022

As an Uta Macross player, there were some singers that I’d hoped would make it into the game someday. One of those was Ishtar from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: LOVERS AGAIN. In 2019, after a year and a half of playing, I decided to create a (fan) fashion catalog of possible costumes and hypothetical events associated with the costumes. This book contains three years of work and has debuted on May 28th, 2022.

Official home site.

PDFs available for free at:

Itchio / Booth / Mega 

GLITTER AND GOLD: a fashion lookbook for purveyors of the magical

[ lookbook ] · 2022

If you’re a fan of magical girls and fashion, then look no further than Aradia Collective‘s first book: GLITTER AND GOLD: a fashion lookbook for purveyors of the magical!

At a stunning perfect count of 30 pages, this book features work from our members Joi Massat, Kata Kane, Patrick McCabe, Feather J. Fern, Artem Ficta, Janaka Davis, Blue Dragon, Rink and Adori-tan.  Full color and sparkly, we hope our offerings brighten your look of the day!


Logo, colors on cover, editor, book and layout designer.

Free to read online.

PDF available at Itchio.

Angel’s Voice: a nurse angel ririka fanzine

[ multimedia fanzine ] · 2021

Done for the series’ 25th anniversary in 2021.

Unlike most zines which concentrate on the visual illustrative aspect, we aimed to create a zine where ALL media is welcome. Besides illustrations, this includes, but not limited to: writing, cosplay, comics, essays, etc.

We want to be able to create a comprehensive product showing off the small but dedicated Ririka SOS fandom – and we believe that showcasing all the different talents from each person or group is a fantastic way to celebrate the series’ silver jubilee!


Logo, illustration, editor, book and layout designer.

Status unknown

dreamersecho volume 1: rise

[ webcomic / print ] · 2017 · JetFalco

The power of Dreams built the planet of Mondrea, but all that remains of that power is a whisper. Follow Falco on his journey to discover how that whisper can become a roar.


One page color illustration of the characters Ainsley and Virgil.

For sale here.

Urusei yatsura zine

[ fanzine ] · 2016

Full of colorful illustrations dedicated to Rumiko Takahashi’s classic manga, this fanzine features over 30 artists and a Fan Q&A!


One page color Illustration of Elle, from Urusei Yatsura: Only You. Can be seen in the gallery.

No longer available.

Stardust + candy

[ fanzine ] · 2016

A Pokémon fanzine of all-new illustration and comics to celebrate a new generation of gameplay! Features 30+ artists, each with their own take on a world shared by humans and Pokémon.


Four-page comic in full color.

No longer available.


[ fanzine ] · 2015, 2012-2013

Featuring over 20 artists, this anthology was created in honor of Xenogears’ 15h anniversary.


Colorist on three of Nick Foster’s illustrations.

No longer available in print, but available as a PDF here.


[ anthology ] · 2013 · 13Crowns Studio

SPOOKY & WONDERFUL, this compilation book is comprised of 79 artists, with both illustrations and short comics pertaining to a ghostly theme. 108 pages, over 100 of which are art!


Four-page story titled “Guardian Ghost.” Black-and-white traditional inks + tones in Photoshop. You can read “Guardian Ghost” here.

Home page here, out of print.

A Tribute to FaLLEN

[ artbook ] · 2012 · OgawaBurukku

Art booklet dedicated to FaLLEN by Ogawa Burukku. 40 pgs, contains character information and artwork from the original creator + art from guest artists.


Landscape illustration of characters Ora and Kali, color.

Possibly out of print; click here for information.

Womanthology: heroic

[ anthology ] · 2012 · IDW

A large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. Features over 150 women of all experience levels, How-To sections from pros, a Kids/Teens section and pages dedicated to some Iconic female comic creators of the past.


One page story, colored by Nei Ruffino.

Available at Amazon.


[ novel ] · 2011 · Jacob Henzel, through Fantasy Island Book Publishing

Life as a package courier may not be the most glamorous of lifestyles, but it has its thrills and chills for Sakuri. When a ex-mob boss requests a delivery through her employer, it becomes life or most certainly death for the young woman, as strangers chase after her to ensure its destination unreached.


In an attempt to protect the package, Sakuri puts on the gauntlet found within the cracked case – only to discover that once attached, the device is not so willing to be removed. Now Sakuri must contend with earthly foes and a malefic force heralding from beyond the stars seeking the device for itself.


Cover illustration.